An Important Announcement from AAE

Over the past several months, a lot has been happening behind the scenes for Esper Genesis.
Esper Genesis began as a short list of future tech gear for 5E. Then it quickly exploded into the central project for a group of friends who shared a love of gaming and wanted to share it with everyone else.
In 2021, Alligator Alley Entertainment suffered the tragic loss of one of its founders. This put many plans on indefinite hold while prompting a restructuring of how to manage current projects. Loss of time mixed with more unexpected issues turned into loss of personnel and resources, creating extensive delays in production.
Our aim is to deliver the best to our fans and to the community that has kept us going since the beginning. To that end, we have decided that Rich Lescouflair, the creator of Esper Genesis, is the best person to carry that ball forward. He has big plans and we are all in on his vision.
The Esper Genesis IP and related titles have been passed on to a new production entity—Skydawn Game Studios, under Rich’s direction. The property benefits by keeping the same design team that built it while bringing production back in line for current and future content. We’re confident this is the best decision for the project and the community.
While Esper Genesis production is changing, AAE isn’t going anywhere. We’ll continue as designers for EG, as well as sponsor and host EG events. We’ll also continue to publish great RPGs such as Witch Hunter: The Invisible World, Tales and Tomes from the Forbidden Library, and the upcoming Grayshade RPG based off of the Gray Assassin trilogy of novels.
We’re excited about the future of Esper Genesis and are confident you’ll like the results. Stay tuned for more details from Rich and Skydawn Game Studios.