Kickstarter Player Race Poll


This poll is to tally the votes for the additional Player Race to be added to the Core Manual.

There are three choices available, which are:


  • Anavashi – spawn of the Velbast, part organic and inorganic, this race can call upon some of the various element based powers of their cosmic kin.
  • Belare – a race of energy beings who dwell within deep space anomalies, they function within society by using advanced cybernetic suits and tools.
  • Zalpheed – these are a winged race of galactic defenders with extraordinary instincts and heightened senses.



Poll Update:

Submissions are closed for this poll as of April 14, 2017. The winner is the Belare! They will be made available as an additonal player race in the Esper Genesis Core Manual.

Thanks from all of us to all who participated!