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This page is devoted specifically to the playtest for Esper Genesis.

The playtest officially ended on March 7, 2017 with the launch of the Kickstarter campaign. Please visit directly for project updates and product information.

Development and Kickstarter Preparation (Mar 2017)

The second part of the playtest has ended. Myself and the rest of the Alligator Alley Entertainment team wish to thank you all for your input and suggestions! Our Kickstarter is under development and should be ready for launch by 3/7/17. We’ve received some awesome accolades from various game designers. If you wish to provide us with a quote to be included in the Kickstarter, please email me at

Production Phase – 2/28/2017

The Preview adventure, Fall of the Eos Keldor, has been updated to fit all the changes made during the playtest phases. Please visit the download link below which will take you to the product page.

The following changes have been implemented due to feedback from the Phase Two playtest:

  • Additional rules that separate talents from techniques – replacing technique materials on the fly and empowering talents by expending more talent points
  • A few minor changes to talent and technique descriptions
  • Updates to the Engineer’s Rig Expansion ability – EMP, multiple new effects on constructs
  • Additional rules for Burst Fire and situational advantages/disadvantages for Burst Saves.
  • Some minor cosmetic changes (ex. Ashforged renamed, Aegis and Protection Field switched, etc.)
  • Xenobiology skill has been added to the skills list

An email has been sent out to all playtesters regarding the end of the second playtesting phase. If you have not received it, you can find a copy of it here.


Basic Rules Playtesting Phase (Jan 2017 – Feb 2017)

Our Basic Rules playtest phase has ended but existing playtesters may still send in their input and discuss with the development team via the playtester’s Facebook page.

Phase Two Packet – 1/31/2017 – Ended

Changes between the first and second playtest packet are as follows:

  • Various changes and corrections to ability and rules descriptions
  • Changed rules for the Recoil weapon property
  • Added necessary sections to 3-page character sheet per request

Initial Packet – 12/31/2016 – Ended

Changes between the preview adventure and the Basic Rules packet are as follows:

  • Piloting has been removed as a skill. It is now a group of three vehicle proficiencies per the 5th Edition rules.
  • Nature has been expanded to the Geology skill.
  • The Guardian subclass has been removed due to balancing issues.
  • Some esper powers have been renamed but the rules for them have not been altered.
  • The Crouching maneuver has been completely removed


Preview Adventure (Aug 2016 – Dec 2016)

File Update – 8/24/2016

  • Updated rules for taking cover and changed the description for the Mend and Mass Mend powers
  • Updated Armor tables to more accurately represent 5E armor rules.
  • Added profiles for each pregen character, as well as backstory to give a better presentation of the setting.
  • Minor grammatical corrections and eliminated extra and optional text from Cover rules.

File Update – 11/1/2016 – Please download the updated files below

  • Corrected minor spelling errors on Character Sheets
  • Fixed Burst Fire description for a more accurate explanation
  • Fixed errata on a few of the listed Esper Powers
  • Adjusted stats in preparation for Basic Rules release