Though our company name is new, each member of our team is no stranger to game design.

We’ve put our successful experiences together to create something amazing.


Rich Lescouflair

Writer / Designer

A born and raised New Yorker, Rich is a long-time tabletop gamer who has played and loved the D&D game since the “B/X” days in the 80’s. He is a freelance writer and cartographer, having done design work for D&D Adventurer’s League, LPJ Design’s “Crisis of the World Eater” series, and Paradigm Concepts’ “Living Arcanis”. He also has his own DM’s Guild releases: “The Iron Bastion” and the “Forgotten Realms Atlas Project”, released under his company brand – Castle Skydawn Design. Rich is also an avid techie, software programmer, and graphic designer.


Brian Dalrymple

Layout / Graphic Designer

An avid gamer since age 13, Brian has worked at every level in the gaming industry: retail, distribution, publishing, and freelance (cartography, graphic design, layout, and writing). He has designed for Paradigm Concepts, Mr. B’s Games, L4 Studios, GameScience, LPJ Design, Mayfair Games, and the Game Manufacturers Association, where he has been an active member since 1994. Prior to joining Alligator Alley Entertainment, Brian founded Gamer Ingenuity, which published material supporting the Pathfinder Role-playing Game. He has given talks at the GAMA Trade Show, Origins, and Metatopia. Currently, he gets most of his design work done from the back room of The Adventure Game Store & Dragon’s Lair, his shop where he has worked for nearly 30 years.


Eric Weiner

Designer / Producer

A two-time Origins Award winning designer, Eric is the Lead Designer and Line Developer of the ENnie Award-nominated Witch Hunter: The Invisible World RPG, and founding member of the creative team behind the Origins Award-winning Arcanis: The World of Shattered Empires. He began his journey in gaming with the D&D Red Box, graduated to AD&D and added Champions, Deadlands, and Legend of the Five Rings to his list of favorite systems before creating games himself. Eric’s other design credits include the Rotted Capes RPG, d20 System supplements, Spycraft, Legend of the Five Rings 2nd Edition, and Living Arcanis.