The Kickstarter campaign for the Esper Genesis Heroic Sci-Fi Role-playing GameTM is in it’s last week. Three stretch goals and one backer goal have been reached with more on the way. The Kickstarter page can be reached via this link.

Studio 2 will be handling our fulfilment to distribution in North America, and Alligator Alley Entertainment also made contact with a European distributor, laying the groundwork for sales and more affordable backer fulfillment to that continent.

Our Brick & Mortar Retailer-Friendly Crowd-Funding Campaign program received wide praise and approval. A recent article posted by Pelgrane Press details the Esper Genesis campaign’s creative approach to retailers.


About the game

Esper Genesis: Heroic Sci-Fi Role-playingTM is fully compatible with the 5e rules. Created by Rich Lescouflair (In Volo’s Wake, Curse of the Demon Stone, Castle Skydawn Designs), Esper Genesis is a high-adventure game with a detailed, immersive universe setting powered by a familiar, fast-paced rules engine.

Esper Genesis is the new product line from Alligator Alley Entertainment, which was founded by Rich Lescouflair, Eric Wiener (Witch Hunter: The Invisible World, Arcanis Role-playing Game, formerly of Paradigm Concepts), and long-time retailer, graphic designer, and industry veteran Brian Dalrymple.

The playtest materials,and a 64-page starter adventure, The Fall of the Eos Keldor, are available for free download at


Esper Genesis Promotional Video

Planned Releases

The initial game books (expected December 2017) include:

  • Esper Genesis Core Manual – all of the main rules for play, including character generation, races, robots, classes, gear, combat, a small bestiary, and Esper powers. SRP $49.99
  • Silrayne Threats Database – additional beasts, adversaries, and aliens. SRP to be determined.
  • Master Technician’s Handbook – additional gear, weapons, tech, and spacecraft. SRP to be determined.

An introductory Basic Rules PDF will be available for free download this summer, and physical copies of these introductory rules will be on sale at Origins and Gen Con.

Preview adventures for our Crucible Corps organized play campaign will be run at both shows.

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