The Alligator Alley Entertainment team is excited to announce that today the Crucible Corps officially kicks off! We’re releasing a new adventure, revising an old one and putting out an updated Crucible Corp document. Crucible Corps is the official ongoing organized play campaign for the Esper Genesis Roleplaying Game. As long as you have an official character created using the Crucible Corps guidelines, you can play anywhere a Crucible Corps game is being run. Crucible Corps characters are created using the EG Basic Rules or the Core Manual, along with the Crucible Corps Campaign Guide.

Here are the details:


Basilisk Rendezvous

The first adventure in the Shadow of the Zephyr storyline, written by Christopher Robin Negelein and Rich Lescouflair. Basilisk Rendezvous is a 2-4 hour adventure for 1st and 2nd level characters. It is also part of the Crucible Corps organized play campaign.

NOT YOUR NORMAL SCRAP RUN ON EURIA 7…. A salvage expedition leads to an abandoned cargo ship that looks like it’s been rotting away for years. Luckily, they’ve gotten a good tip on coordinates out in the nearby wilds that point to its location. All they have to do is make it flight worthy and take it back to the assigned rendezvous point. How hard could that be?

Basilisk Rendezvous via DriveThruRPG




Crucible Corps Organized Play Campaign Rules

To play in a Crucible Corps game you just need to locate where a Crucible Corps event is taking place (joint our Discord server or Facebook group to find other player), create a character, and be there before the game’s start time.

As a Game Master, you can choose to run your events in any public location such as your friendly local gaming store, a community center, or a convention. You can also run private games from the comfort of your home or a friend’s house, and even play online using digital tabletop programs. So long as you are playing an officially released Esper Genesis adventure and follow the Crucible Corps guidelines, characters keep their experience, rewards, and rankings no matter where you decide to play. Signup for Crucible Corps news.

Crucible Corps Rules PDF




Fall of the Eos Keldor

This 10/5/2018 update has revised the adventure to incorporate the release of the Esper Genesis Core Manual and the Crucible Corps organized play campaign.

Fall of the Eos Keldor is a free four-hour introductory adventure for the Esper Genesis Roleplaying Game. It can be played on its own or as part of your Crucible Corps campaign.

CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE! Falsely accused, you find yourselves prisoner aboard the flagship of the Lorendi Imperium. In the midst of a major battle gone sideways, it won’t be long before everything around you is reduced to space dust. Can you escape in time?

Fall of Eos Keldor via DriveThruRPG