In November, I had posted about working on “In Volo’s Wake”, an introductory adventure for Volo’s Guide to Monsters. It was an awesome project to work on and my co-author, Monica Valentinelli, and our lead designer, Shawn Merwin, were both extremely fun to work with. It was originally limited to core brick and mortar stores that ran Adventurer’s League games. I’m excited to announce that as of yesterday, In Volo’s Wake was made available for public download on DM’s Guild!

In addition to this (with the blessings of our wonderful AL overlords, of course….), I created a collection of full color digital maps that can be used for running In Volo’s Wake. Included is a PDF book of maps for the DM and very high-resolution player maps that can be uploaded into Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, or similar online platforms.

In other news, my latest Adventurer’s League module is called “Winter’s Frigid Wrath”. It is part of an epic adventure trilogy from Baldman Games, which will have its first run at Winter Fantasy 2017. Soon after the convention, the module will also be put up for sale on DM’s Guild.



Download: In Volo’s Wake


Download: Digital Map Pack for In Volo’s Wake


  1. Hi Rich! I’m running In Volo’s Wake for AL at my local game store next week. Had a question about Adventure 6. On page 53 it reads “the gazers and cultists attack the party as soon as the door is opened” but there is no other reference to cultists (except in the XP section). Are there supposed to be cultists in this section?

    • Hi, JD. Sorry for the late response. The cultists were an optional encounter staging add-on. It looks like it was removed when the module had gone through AL editing. Hope that helps. Sorry for the confusion.

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