Aerial Stalkers were statted out in the Esper Genesis GM Basic Rules, but for the upcoming Threats Database, you’ll get these fantastic details and amazing art by Tan Ho Sim.
The distinctive whooshing sound made by an attacking aerial stalker is well known to many who have experienced the realities of war.
War Machines. Built with intuitive tactical programming and a combination of small arms and deadly hand-to-hand weaponry, stalkers have become a standard for planetary assault operations. Developed by Twilight Technologies, they’re an upgrade from the original Alphalite model constructs.
Silent Killers. The prominent feature of the aerial stalker is its silent-running flight system, enabling them to carry out swift ambushes from above upon unsuspecting foes. The only warning one has before it strikes is a whoosh of air from the exhaust of its flight pack.
Tips and Tactics
Though they can attack enemies from a distance, stalkers are far deadlier when they swoop down onto their enemies, catching them off guard. In a group, at least one stays behind and attacks at a range while the rest attempt to divide the enemy in one-to-one melee.