In keeping with Wizards of the Coast’s Free Basic Dungeons & Dragons rules you can also get a free basic version of Esper Genesis! Not only does the free game allow people to see what they’re getting into at no cost to them and it also allows people who own the Core Manual to play while the Threats Database and Master Technician’s Guide are being worked on.

The Free Esper Genesis Basic Rules consist of: The EG Basic Rules, EG Game Master Basic Rules, Fall of Eos Keldor Adventure, Character sheet, pregenerated characters, galaxy map, Crucible Corps organized play guide. You can get all of these as direct downloads below or for free through DriveThruRPG. We recommend getting them through DriveThruRPG as you’ll be notified if they’re ever updated.


Esper Genesis Basic Rules

DriveThruRPG Link |  Direct Download PDF Link

  • Five playable character races from the Silrayne Arc
  • Four core 5E Character Classes: The Engineer, the Melder, the Specialist, and the Warrior
  • Sci-fi tailored backgrounds, equipment, and gear to round out your galactic pioneer
  • Esper Talents and Techniques, the power to warp time, space, and matter
  • Starter rules and options for vehicles, space travel, zero-gravity, and starship combat
  • A brief overview of the Crucibles and the Silrayne Arc
  • Galactic Threats for your gamemaster to add to their sci-fi campaign



Game Master Basic Rules

DriveThruRPG Link | Direct Download PDF Link

  • A chapter explaining how creatures work in EG and advice on customizing NPCs.
    • 24 Threats
  • 17 Common NPCs,
  • 30 Miscellaneous Creatures, and advice on creating unique creatures
  • A chapter on special items including Forged Enhancements
    • 12 Gear Enhancements & 6 Limited Use Enhancements
  • A chapter for GM Tools
    • A Star System Generator
    • Alien Species Generator


Fall of Eos Keldor Adventure

DriveThruRPG Link | Direct Download PDF Link

Falsely accused, you find yourselves prisoner aboard the flagship of the Lorendi Imperium.
In the midst of a major battle gone sideways, it won’t be long before everything around you is reduced to space dust.
Can you escape in time?

Fall of the Eos Keldor is a free four-hour introductory adventure for the Esper Genesis Roleplaying Game. It can be played on its own or as part of your 5E sci-fi campaign.


Character Sheet

DriveThruRPG Link | Direct Download PDF Link

Prepare to forge your galactic hero and journey into the great expanse with the Esper Genesis character sheet. This sheet is available for FREE download, allowing you to record all of your character’s ability scores, modifiers, skills, weapons, feats, backgrounds, esper powers and more.





Pregenerated Characters

DriveThruRPG Link | Direct Download Zip Link

This character pack contains nine ready-to-play Tier 1 characters for use with the Esper Genesis Roleplaying Game. A version of each character is provided for each level within the Initiate Tier (Levels 1-4). Pregens included are:

  • Ashenforged Cybermancer (Ghost Persona)
  • Dendus Engineer (Medic & Tinker)
  • Eldori Adept (Battlemind)
  • Human Melder (Protoweaver)
  • Kesh Specialist (Infiltrator)
  • Matokai Sentinel (Champion)
  • Promethean Warrior (Paragon)
  • Valna Hunter (Stalker)


Esper Genesis Galaxy Map

DriveThruRPG Link | Direct Download JPG Link





Crucible Corps Organized Play Rules

Direct Download PDF Link

Crucible Corps is the official ongoing organized play campaign for the Esper Genesis Roleplaying Game. As long as you have an official character created using the Crucible Corps guidelines, you can play virtually anywhere a Crucible Corps game is being run. Crucible Corps characters are created using the EG Basic Rules or the Core Manual, along with the Crucible Corps Campaign Guide.