Explore the Esper Genesis galaxy in the twelve part Shadow of the Zephyr storyline playable as part of your own homebrew games or the Crucuble Corps organized play program. Travel the breadth of the galaxy via stolen ships, jump through unstable rifts, meet alien creatures, protect people from a deadly nano-viruses, and delve into the depths of one of Earth’s expansive undercities in the first season of Esper Genesis Crucible Corps.

EGCC-01-01 Basilisk Rendezvous

               Author(s) Tier APL (Average Party Level) Release Date
Chris Negelein &
Rich Lescouflair
1 1 Now Available

The team is hired by a local salvager to recover a wrecked gunship called the Basilisk. Their employer, however, isn’t really after the ship itself, but the priceless tech that may be hidden somewhere inside.

EGCC-01-02 Crisis at Pel Tavaria

                 Author(s) Tier APL (Average Party Level) Release Date
Rich Lescouflair 1 2 Now Available

A simple job goes sideways in the heart of Pel Tavaria’s entertainment sector. In order to escape the space station alive, they must forge an alliance with one of its most disreputable personalities.

EGCC-01-03 Voices Behind the Veil

               Author(s) Tier APL (Average Party Level) Release Date
   Robert Adducci 1 3 Now Available

Traveling into the Keshite Rift on an experimental cruiser, a navigational error leaves the team adrift in the rift’s uncharted branches. They attempt to find their way out while dealing with terrifying, trans-dimensional threats.

EGCC-01-04 Secrets in Silver

               Author(s) Tier APL (Average Party Level) Release Date
Robert Adducci 1 3 Now Available

A new mission brings the team to Silrayne Prime where they play bodyguard to the Silrayne Arc’s most famous pop music icon. Their mission quickly turns into a lot more than they bargained for.

EGCC-01-05 The Long Winter

               Author(s) Tier APL (Average Party Level) Release Date
William Murakami-Brundage
& Iam Pace
1 4 Now Available

Brutality and betrayal take center stage as the team is caught in the midst of a conflict between former allies. The team must choose between friend and foe while being pursued by a powerful enemy.

EGCC-01-06 Viral Fallout

               Author(s) Tier APL (Average Party Level) Release Date
      M.T. Black 1 4 Now Available

A mission to stop the spread of a deadly nanovirus brings the team to the sublevels of New York City. Their only hope is to infiltrate the battle-scarred demilitarized zone of the undercity’s dreaded Sector 77.

EGCC-01-07 Sensations of Bliss

               Author(s) Tier APL (Average Party Level) Release Date
     Adrian Arduini 2 5 2/21/19

Following a lead, the team investigates the whereabouts of a missing media icon. They soon discover her disappearance is connected to a sinister force that could threaten the lives of all residents in the Bastion.

EGCC-01-08 Altai Media Presents…

                     Author(s) Tier APL (Average Party Level) Release Date
Jay Africa 2 6 2/21/19

Forced into hiding, the team discovers they play a part in the sinister design of a nemesis thought long dead. Now they have to retrace their steps and clear their name before being forever branded as enemies of the galaxy.

EGCC-01-09 Stormfall

                     Author(s) Tier APL (Average Party Level) Release Date
Adam Scaramella 2 6 2/21/19

Answering a mysterious call left behind by a familiar ally, the team infiltrates an abandoned military base where they must survive a final showdown with the rogue faction of a megacorporation and their deranged ringleader.

EGCC-01-10 A Dose of Nightshade

                     Author(s) Tier APL (Average Party Level) Release Date
Lysa Chen 2 7 3/21/19

On the hunt for a notorious cybercriminal, the team delves into the Shadownet, a deregulated, digital underground of the Silrayne Intergalactic Matrix. Working together to survive can mean the difference between earning a payday or losing their sanity.

EGCC-01-11 Aftermath

                     Author(s) Tier APL (Average Party Level Release Date
Al Spader 2 7 3/21/19

Arriving on a world long-ravaged by strife and conflict, a band of broken-down survivors may be the team’s only link to finding a cypheos, one of the rarest known items in the universe.

EGCC-01-12 To Answer the Call

                     Author(s) Tier APL (Average Party Level Release Date
David Morris 2 8 3/21/19

The team must make sacrifices to train and arm themselves with the tools they need to infiltrate one of the trans-dimensional space holds of the Shadow Technocracy, where they can finally put an end to its guileful overlord.