It’s been an interesting holiday. I was hit with the flu over Christmas time, which left a lingering cold turning into sinusitis, which I’m finally shaking off now. During that time though, I’ve been doing a lot of consideration as to where I was going next as far as projects. It feels like everything happened so quickly at once, before I knew it, I had to figure out which projects to work on versus others.

Through my sick time, I just finished working through a D&D AL project (which is all I’m able to say at the moment). Over the past couple of days, by the requests of many playtesters, I finished putting together the first full range character sheet for Esper Genesis (preview on the left side) and started working on the next map for LPJ Design’s Infinite Dungeon.

So with that said, the next month is going to be a busy one. First, the Esper Genesis playtest is going into it’s second phase. Just started doing the ship combat rules, and the I’d really like to have the kickstarter going as soon as possible. There is also the next module for The Iron Bastion, which a few people have been asking about.

I can work on some side stuff, however. Currently, I’m torn between a few things to work on first:

  • The third book of the Forgotten Realms Atlas Project.
  • The next adventure for the Demonbane Chronicles.
  • A Book of Lairs/Encounters based off of Volo’s Guide to Monsters (i.e. Volo’s Guide to Fiends/Undead/Elementals, etc.)
  • Rules for Kara-Tur Adventures or Zakhara (Al-Qadim) adventures.

This, of course is assuming another official project doesn’t come my way, which immediately goes to the top. Either way, this is getting to be an exciting time!

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