Our latest preview of the upcoming Threats Database reaches into a different part of science fiction than we have touched in the previews. If you want to play with darker aspects the seethespawn is for you, it touches the horror tropes including body horror and genetic engineering gone wrong. Enjoy…if you dare!

Seethespawn by Tan Ho Sim.

Artwork by Tan Ho Sim.

Wherever the land is ravaged by plague and desolation, they strive. In dark places that smell of blood and death, they feed. Within the heart of war-ravaged cities and across endless spans of scorched earth, even the more formidable of predators think twice before provoking the boundless rage of the seethespawn.

Legacy of the X-Mark. When the conflict between Earth and the Sol Colonies was at its peak, the leaders of the colonies unleashed a hail of devastating bio-weapons upon the planet, laying waste to entire regions and inflicting permanent damage on the Earth’s climate and ecosystem. Though the same technology was used to heal the planet, large swaths of wasteland can still be found across the planet. Within these areas of plagued earth, known as “Seethes” those who were once human have mutated into fearsome, dangerous abominations. After centuries, the seethespawn still reign throughout these badlands, not only thriving, but evolving as well.

Rage and Sorrow. Brutal and savage, seethespawns seek only to mercilessly torture and kill any other living thing they come across. They sustain themselves on the blood and flesh of their prey, but also feed off of the fear and anguish of others. Though they do not speak any known language, few can forget their horrifying, alien laugh that often drowns out the screams of their victims.

Of Both the Earth and Stars. Though originally created on Earth, their very nature is forged from alien technology. Every seethespawn is a carrier of the virus that mutated them. The virus, much like their carriers, can easily survive in the vacuum of space. Today, seethespawn nests can be found in the wastelands or ruins of many worlds, especially those within the Core Sectors. Many galactic settlements and space convoys have been wiped out under the scourge of a seethespawn contagion.