Demonbane Resources Page


This is a resource page for the Demonbane Chronicles series of modules. Files and available notes will be updated as new content is released.



New Bonus Mini-Adventure (follow-up to “The Mysterious Maiden“)

Shadowlash – PDF Format (810 kb)


Full Size Maps (Curse of the Demon Stone)

The Wavestrider

Talomere Island Upper Level

Talomere Island Lower Level

Player Handout #1 (From Captain’s Camp)

Blacksteel Tower (Shadowlash Bonus Map)


Character Sheets

Demonbane Character Sheet – PDF format (663 kb)


Pregenerated Characters (Standard 27 stat point buy)

Belgosa Zoland – Dark Elf Warlock

Gale Stoneshield – Dwarf Paladin

Kanon of Ellsia – Dragonborn Cleric

Kristoff Eramus – Human Wizard

Telemark of Seleia – Elf Corsair

Xavier Belmane – Half-Elf Fighter